La famiglia Ubbiali negli anni '40

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Una breve descrizione della famiglia Ubbiali negli anni della Seconda Guerra Mondiale: anni difficili, con due fratelli al fronte e una sorella malata di tifo. Fu così che il piccolo Carlo fu costretto a crescere in fretta...
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09/07/2019 - alle ore22:45
I may be a relative of this man. My father began searching for our roots in Italy, and found his grandfather certificate of birth from Ponte San Pietro, near Bergamo. His name is Paulo Ubialli, so I think our last name is the same as Mr. Carlo Ubbiali's. He is the only person I found with the same surname as ours. I think our ancestors may have come from Ubiale Clanezzo, a commune near Bergamo.

Please, if you have any information, contact me on . This is my and my family's roots, and it is very important to us. Sorry for writing in english. Looking forward to learn italian. We live in Curitiba, Brasil. Thank you very much.